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Company Formation & Setup 

GIT is an independent leading business development company in Oman, assist with Legal Business incorporation services connecting, and communicating with international business investors to carry out business with the local Omani Business community. GIT helps, assists, co-ordinates and streamlines the whole setup of developing a new International business to the marketplace. 

Our purpose is to serve the investors with the right choices of setting up and do carry  
forward a successful business in Oman. Corporate Law for setting up a new venture in a foreign land has some complex tasks like knowing about their rules, regulations, culture, language, local community etc..,The process is quite complex for an investor to do it. So we at GIT are in a motive to serve those investing companies to have a great experience of setting up their new venture of business in our country, we serve with our fully emerged, high professionals who are very active and updated with the recent terms and laws of regulations to start the business operations.  

01. Choosing the business entity

The initial step before starting any kind of business is to make sure and choose the appropriate entity of business to which all the other services are incorporated. There are 4 types of business entities

Limited Liability Company (LLC) 
LLC is a business entity which is the most popular form of entity where a local sponsor is mandatory with a 70 – 30% share agreement. This kind of business allows you to have the maximum freedom and outreach for all trade. This is the best option to consider and means you can employ a team and hold a bank account.

Free Trade Company 
This entity is limited with specific trade options , focusing only on industry, logistics, import/export, manufacturing, warehousing etc., There are four Free Zones in Oman. The investor gets 100% ownership of the business. There are no additional taxes or duties imposed. 
Branch Office 
This is an entity that is dependent upon the terms of the government contracts that has to be registered. This entitles you to seek and perform the business activities within the private sector. No further operations or promotions can be made. There is no requirement for a local sponsor.

Regional Trade Office 
This entity allows an international company to promote and introduce their products and sales to the local business community with facilitating contracts in Oman. This entity is nowhere allowed to indulge in any kind of trade activities. No need for a local sponsor. 

02. Selecting a local sponsor 

A local sponsor in Oman is a mandatory requirement to start a business LLC in Oman with a 30% share. GIT is always there to support an international business firm as a Local sponsor in Oman where it has a 70 – 30% share agreement with the terms and regulations by the law of Oman.

GIT can provide sponsorship once an agreement for its full functional, operational, management control and authority to the international company for an annual fee, has been agreed by both parties.  

We as a local sponsor are available for all governance and corporate limited liability. An investor has their own complications with the LLC considering the liability, ownership, management, specialists, business advisers, legal security, timeline of the business setup, corporate support and the sustainable partnership. GIT is here to serve all of these procedures whereby you the investor can feel comfortable. 

03. Registration of the company 

Registration of the company is most important as that only can start the trade of your business. GIT has well accomplished system of discipline that makes the customer feel ease and makes the process complete in a quick manner with all the basic and mandatory details provided to us. 

04. Choosing the workplace and business activities

With our legal specialists, our team of advisors and board members of international, national and local law firm’s support GIT helps you to choose right work environment registering your business, company name and providing business facilitation services for the speedy formation of your company. GIT also offers various kinds of facilitation services which can be tailor made as per the investor’s suggestions. 

05. Governmental documents clearance

A government Liaison officer who is also called a Public Relations Officer or PRO is the person who is fully responsible for carry out the functions and operations related with the company and the Omani government, Ministry of Commerce and the Royal Police of Oman.  
All the clearances from local municipality, ministry and the police are processed through the PRO. Every company in Oman has a PRO who is an Omani National. 

06. Visa processing

Processing the Visa for the investor called an Investor visa, for your business and later incorporating business profile, Visa processing for the employee and their families and any other additional visas related to the company setup process will be handled by GIT. 

07. Bank account opening

Once after the company llc has been registered with its name, workplace and business process the company can create a bank account.  

Creating a bank account varies from bank to bank with its regulated process and huge paper work data which can be a tedious process with many documents.

GIT works with both the bank and you the client to simplify the process of creating a bank account and to start your business smoothly. 

PRO Services

PRO (Public Relations Officer) is the person who closely works with governmental departments. The PRO deals with the procedural structures, and the documentation process required by the Ministries, Municipalities, Royal Oman Police (ROP) and with the local community. They are also responsible for Visa procedures, will connect the client with the public offices. GIT’s PRO are approved by the Ministry and are highly qualified. Our PRO handles all necessary documentation, Visa, employee medical fitness, IT and administration, Car hiring, tenancy and other formal and official proceedings to / from government bodies. 

HR Outsourcing / Man Power Supply Services

GIT’s well known team of professional experts and various other leading advisors with our HR staff who are also associated and well-versed with the rules and regulations of Omani 
governmental procedures will carry out all services associated with staff outsourcing and Man power supply to all of our clients as per their requirements. 

  1. Skilled professionals
  2. Semi-skilled workers
  3. Unskilled labors 

We offer a wide range of outsourcing personnel for industries such as oil & gas, petrochemical, energy, water and waste, petro physics, geologists, well engineering, banking & financial, Infrastructural designers, general constructions, safety, managerial, Hospitality, Administrational support other commercial supports like HSE, quality assurance and many more. 

We offer professional outsourcing and man power supply from various regions globally for the specific designation required by the client varying from COO, Chief Manages, Designers, Engineers, Assistance, semi-skilled general workers, unskilled laborers etc., We can recruit the required number of personnel, following up with them as required by the client according to their specific need with all the qualifications that meets the requirements. We also assist in providing Visa, relocating the employees and their family, changing the contract, payroll assistance and site passes as required by the client. 

GIT’s committed Human Resource professionals are highly talented in acquiring and  
choosing the right people for the right job that is required by the company to develop their business in any sector. We provide all kind of HR related services such as staffing, outsourcing and man power supply both locally / internationally as per the requirement of our clients. 

Our team is highly qualified in carrying out & providing professional advice on HR procedures such as: 

  • Outsourcing / Insourcing
  • Salary processing
  • Job description
  • Compensation & benefits
  • HR terms (For Omani &Expats)
  • Local staffing services
  • Medical Insurance  

Other Services

We offer proven services in all sectors. The team at GIT will work in an efficient and timely manner to ensure our clients get the best service. 
GIT’s dedicated team assists with company incorporation. We also assist our clients with other business facilitation services. All our facilitation services are tailor made for the client as per the suggestions and discussions according to the current laws and trends in the business development market. 
Our exclusive facilitation services are:

a. Financial audit and Taxation services 
b. Relocation services 
c. Marketing / promotional services 

Financial Audit and Taxation Services 
Finance and audit and taxes are highly regulated all companies have to be audited by the end of March to regulate their tax certificate. There are various auditing and taxation services available in the market independently. As a division of GIT’s services we have some choices of auditing and taxation services committed towards GIT who closely work with us to ensure the smooth operations of our clients. 
We also offer help in doing the full end support for accounts with back support for carrying out all the accounts in a day to day basis, periodic reviews, monthly and annual financial meetings and requirements. 
Relocation Services 
Our local Omani team is specifically designed to work with the orientation of the culture, people, language, utility search, home search, school search, internet search and other needs like spousal engaging activities needed for the family of an employee who is recently relocated to the Oman. 
They offer full support for the new family ensuring all their needs and requirements are met with a cost effective way to make them comfortable. 
For more details about relocation services visit: www.reloglobal.com 
Marketing / Promotional Services 
Whether the company has its own team for marketing with the technical team at present or wish to hire GIT for its marketing and promotional services such as branding their products, logo designing, website designing, development, campaigns, market research with its partners, brand architecture, design and other factors towards the growth and development of the products and designs in the Omani market as well as in the international market, we will ensure success. 

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